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Every once in a while a big company does something above and beyond the call of duty.


Ameriwood Corporation...

I recently bought a nice little futon at Canadian Tire. The tie down broke as I was hauling it back to Winnipeg and the box took flight ... landing not too gracefully on the side of the highway. I doubled back to pick up the pile of rubbish.

Once at home, I decided to assemble what I could and found - miracle of miracles - all of the pieces were there, right down to the nuts and bolts. Only one piece (half the back frame) was damaged. Everything else was great.

I sent an eMail to Ameriwood (the contact on the instructions) and told them exactly what happened. I wanted to buy a replacement part.

They sent me two new halves absolutely free of charge - they even paid the freight.

     Ya gotta love 'em :))

Logitech ...

A while ago I purchased a Logitech MK320 wireless keyboard/mouse combo for use on my notebook. This is a sweet unit. Great control - no wires cluttering up my limited desk space.

Being somewhat old and foolish - I managed to lose the dongle (the USB receiver).

I sent a request to Logitech support explaining my problem and asked if I could purchase a new dongle.

They cannot sell the dongle by itself but they did agree to send me a complete new combo - free of charge - one time only ....

     Ya gotta love 'em :))

Got someone you gotta love ?


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